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Welcome to a whole new world of centerpiece options! 2022 brought a lot of great change to Swank, and we're hoping 2023 is even better! Take a look inside our inventory at some of our centerpiece options! Click the pic to see! 

Something we're obsessed with right now? Colored taper candles! They bring a pop of fun everywhere they go. Click the pic to see some new trends we're loving! 

We're passionate about bridal bouquets. We like to think they're an extension of your personality and 100% unique to each bride! We put so much time and effort into making sure this piece will be an absolute showstopper, and sometimes they tend to become pretty huge. We're known for our bouquets, so start lifting weights now! Click the pic to check out a few of our favs. 

Jenna' Wedding-2679.jpg
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