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At Swank Floral, we consider floristry a worthy & substantial investment for any type of event. - Whether it be adding in color to an otherwise neutral space, creating a wedding arbor from a fireplace mantle, or covering the ceiling in greenery, we know that flowers can completely transform the look and feel of a space. If you have big floral aspirations, having a seasoned design team on your side is well worth it!  Choosing Swank means choosing a group of professionals who are passionate about creating floral artistry that is 100% unique to you!

Our designers are highly skilled, extremely creative, and we take great pride in the quality of product we deliver. We believe that in order to truly bring your vision to life  with our craftsmanship, you have to have faith in our eye for design. Trust is imperative in our industry! Due to the nature of our business working with an organic medium, it’s impossible to  know the exact flower types or final styling until the product is received. Flowers are a living, ever-changing organism, and while we put every effort into going above and beyond with our preparation and planning, things may have to change at the last  minute. Due to grow seasons, weather patterns and/or quality of available blooms, we always reserve the right to make comparable substitutions or tweak a display if things aren't looking quite right. Giving us creative freedom and trusting our knowledge of the industry's supply chain will let us create our art with these factors in mind,  and in turn you will get a completely one of a kind product.


Choosing a floral & design company  that aligns with your personality

and wedding style is super important. 

 We specialize in large installations, whimsical styling, and dramatic bouquets. Our style is  anti-traditional, meaning that we use modern, more sustainable techniques and follow along with current trends! Our style tends to be more asymmetrical, free-flowing, and wispy.

Because so much time and effort goes into each one of our designs, we have a delivery minimum and a minimum for deliveries over 45 minutes away from our studio. This intentionally limits our  events per weekend and  ensures the appropriate amount of time and resources are  devoted to each client. We are available for pickup for smaller events and personal flowers (bouquets, boutonnieres, family flowers) with a minimum. 

*Micro Weddings and Elopements can fall below the delivery minimum on a case by case basis. We do not provide loose stems in  bulk.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please read on to learn about our consultation and design process!



Floristry may be a new concept to you, and that's totally normal! We don't expect you to know all kinds of flower types, just a general idea of things you like and don't like is great! We know you've been scrolling on Pinterest and looking at ideas on Tiktok, so send us the inspiration you've found! This is a great way for us to see where your head is at and get a general idea if our style aligns with what you're liking. There will be a place to do this on our contact form!

If we feel confident that we'll be able to deliver on your vision, we will reach out to schedule a consultation. We prefer to meet in person at our design studio, but we can do a videochat or phone call too if need be.

 We want to make sure that both parties truly feel at ease throughout the entirety of the process. As you're interviewing us, we're interviewing you too! We want to be confident that we are of the ability to proceed with all that is requested as well as exceed your expectations. After meeting and talking through your wishlist, we will either proceed with creating a quote or refer you to another floral friend who we feel might be a better fit. 

If we move forward with a quote, you will receive a mood board, color palette, your submitted inspiration pictures, an itemized proposal, contract, and payment plan will all be sent (typically within 2 weeks of the consultation date) for you to review. These proposals are very in depth so that you can fully understand the whole design and see it all come together! We charge a 25% date reservation deposit, and then your final balance is owed once we finalize all of the details, usually about 30 days out. 

Ready to get started? Click here to fill out the contact form!

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