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Bridal Bouquets

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Something we're passionate about here at Swank is your bridal bouquet. Not only is it the number one most pictured floral item on your wedding day, but it's also a reflection of your personality!

When it comes to bouquets, we really live by the saying bigger is better. In other words, if your arms aren't sore the next day from carrying it around, we've either done our job wrong or you've really been hitting the gym!

We feel like your bridal bouquet should be the culmination of your wedding day personality. It should encompass all of your colors, and the shape should complement your body type too! We love adding touches of boho with pampas and other dried elements, but we especially love it when brides request specialty blooms like peonies, anemones, and ranunculus (to name a few of our favs)!

Swank Floral specializes in oversized, extremely bloomy and wispy bouquets. We love bouquets with tons of texture, color, and have an organic feel! I can only say so many good things though, so take a peek at some of our past favorites and see for yourself!


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