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Modern Elegance - New Centerpiece Drop

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

A huge trend we saw towards the end of 2021 and now the beginning of 2022 is the shift towards sleek and modern wedding design. We absolutely love when things are crisp, clean, and simple! A clean background allows for our flowers to shine, so we added a few new items to our centerpiece line-up for this very reason!

The Rose Glass Rainbow Vase

These new glass vases feature a very slight rosy tint that makes the glass almost beige. They pair perfectly with earth tones or pinks. However, they can appear like clear glass in very light and bright venues. We love the trendy U-shaped etching for modern and boho brides. The Rose Glass Rainbow Vase is rectangular, so they typically work best on 6 or 8ft banquet tables. We especially love using 2 of them side by side to make the biggest impact.

The Terrazzo Compote

Terrazzo is making a furious comeback, and we are seriously here for it! This substantial stone compote has hints of blue, gray, rust, mauve, and pink, making it the perfect centerpiece for so many color palettes. This compote will look beautiful against a wide variety of linen colors too!

The Terracotta Compote

As we saw a spike in weddings seeking earth toned design, we felt like our ever-growing boho collection needed a touch of Terracotta. These large and in charge compotes are sure to make a statement. The deep red/brown color is neutral enough to complement many different linen colors and still make an impact. We just know it's going to be to-die-for with natural linens and pretty blush florals!

The White Stone Compote & Mid-Mod Candlesticks

We're suckers for a dried centerpiece, and we are LOVING how all of the muted neutrals look against the stunning white stone centerpiece. The colored taper candles pop along side our duo of mid century modern taper candles. The soft whites complement each other perfectly! While we love the pictured boho design, we know these beauties would look amazing with soft pastels or vibrant hues in the spring and summer.

Pink Iridescent Bottles & Mid-Mod Candlesticks

Looking for a minimalist and sleek way to incorporate colors and floral into your design? A trend we are using as much as we can is adding colored taper candles! This blush pink table utilized pink taper candles with our white mid century candlesticks in conjunction with the pink iridescent bottles! These bottles double as bud vases and are fabulous to showcase special blooms like the gorgeous peach ranunculus.

The Plum Goblet Vase & The Clay Garden Trio

The Plum Goblet Vase is a mid-sized compote that is taller than most and oh-so fun! It's gorgeous plum color pairs nicely with bright hues, but is not so bright that it detracts from the show stopping arrangements it can hold! We recommend using these as accent pieces for around your venue (ie. guestbook table, bar, cake table, seating areas) due to their smaller size. They also would work great on a sweetheart table or just 60 inch round tables! One of our favorite options is to use multiples of these on 8ft tables as your centerpieces or to spice up your head table!

The Clay Garden Trio is a collection of 3 different sized clay pots. They are mid-sized vases that can be used in conjunction as centerpieces with other mid-sized vases or even bottles! They are great to bring in a natural earth tone to any space. Like the Plum Goblet Vase, these are great for accent florals or smaller tables that require centerpieces!

last but not least....

The Mid Gold Stand

The little sister to our Tall Gold Stand (pictured below) this 2.5 ft tall 4 pillar stand packs a serious punch in any space. Where our 4.5 ft tall stands may be too tall, these are just right! We are obsessed with the clean lines and the open base so you are easily able to converse with those around you!

A photo of the Tall Gold Stand for size reference.

We may be a little pre-mature to our spring cleaning, but we are so happy to be out with the old and in with the new! There are so many more beautiful new centerpieces on the way that we can't wait to share with you. Planning a wedding and still need florals? Reach out via our contact form for a quote today!

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